Protect your ATM fleet and be prepared! We are specialist in delivery and implementation of a wide range of security solutions to attack the criminal community with ATM machines as their target. We are an innovating company in providing effective, high-end but cost effective protection technologies for any ATM machine.

Major institutes all over the world are successfully using our technologies. To be one step ahead of any potential criminal incident and attack, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge on a global level. We work closely with a network of partners, suppliers and local authorities.

Let us help to find the best technique for prevention and protection
We emphasize also that high-end protection should be also cost effective for our customers. We are leading in providing logistic and implementation solutions for all kind of ATM vandalism and ATM security related issues. Let us help to find the best technique for prevention and protection. Some techniques are summarized in specified articles.

Cash Security

Insure ATM is provider of an innovative staining product. An approach to complete protection of ATMs against robbery attacks by neutralization of banknotes with ink.

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Anti-ram raid

Brute force attacks on ATMs are widespread, and as the types of attack change, cash losses associated with physical attacks are increasing.

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Solid Attack Solution

The Security Shutter Device: to prevent attempted solid and gas attacks against ATMs with the introduction of explosive material through the cash presentation area.

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One of the solutions we offer, we call Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control which defies any skimming attacks and offers intelligent networked capabilities.

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ATM PIN Protection

A variety of effective technologies Insure ATM can offer you to combat the continuing security threats. In this section we describe the ATM PIN protection tool.

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Anti-Cash Trapping

A twist on the attack of cash trapping is the use of claw-like devices that thieves insert into the cash-dispensing slot which are capable of capturing the dispensed bills.

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Gas Protection

Attacks on ATMs are on the increase worldwide. As these attacks grow, the industry needs to protect the cash inside ATMs.

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ATM Lock

Insure ATM has a wide range of options to control the access of restricted areas. The protection of people and properties is the principle goal of access control.

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