Full ATM Customer Services

The provision of service and support to our customers is before, during and after a purchase. Customer care concerns the priority our organization assigns to components such as cost effective solutions, product innovation and aftersales.

Initiate and manage equipment service requests through our Sales Team. Insure ATM is your perfect partner for the development and maintenance of your ATM machines. 

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Our business portfolio is based on a comprehensive product collection and a wide range of service solutions, accomplished in house and on-site. In order to realize the lowest down-time of ATMs, we emphasize our total refurbishment solutions for spare parts and sub-modules. With this facility we are cutting your costs without cutting quality!

Warehoue & Transport Management for the best performance. After many years of experience in a world-wide reverse logistic service, Insure ATM set up an unique management system of ATM products which are highly needed in the financial market.

Large inventory of new and refurbished parts and modules. Whether a new or exchange part we can ensure that the spare part and module you need will be with you when you need it, where you need it. For immediate requirements we will arrange delivery worldwide, or ship against your own transport account. Insure ATM's unique Logistics with Testing & Quality facilities enables us to serve our customers in an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish their mission. Stock, distribute, track, repair, refurbish, remanufacture and reengineer - it's what we are experts at! Our goal is to keep every single part and module in our inventory in order to supply correctly - just in time! This is supported by three main values:

The company's testing and quality program is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting our customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. Having an ongoing focus on improvement is essential.

We offer high quality products in order to secure reliability. Our spare parts warrant the future of our customer’s products, services and solutions. Insure ATM provides all the needed spare parts throughout the entire lifetime of ATM’s. The products supplied by Insure ATM are only original equipment and delivered with the full care. We offer spare parts for all products in the ATM product portfolio. Besides, we offer recommended spare part packages for complete maintenance and refurbishment as well as individual spare parts.

In2Retail, located in Amsterdam, is our partner. A young and fast-growing company that specializes in ATMs and payment solutions. She is an independent ATM deployer (IAD), a non-financial institution that owns, manages, and places ATMs.

In retail premises or elsewhere. The independent ATM deployer operates cash machines in The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. She provides an ATM free of charge, including a full service contract. This allows you to offer the best service to your customer. Give your customers an additional service with a minimal investment and In2Retail guarantees additional revenue. Also discover the advertising options via the ATMs!

All ATMs meet Dutch standards. In addition, the company works closely with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Vpay. Read more about the interesting possibilities ...

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