Using an Automated Teller Machine, a convenient and an easy way to withdraw or deposit money. For each transaction the cash machine should work correctly. In any case of issues, every financial institution or service provider is obliged and of course willing to solve the problem. 

To realize the lowest down-time, Insure ATM is your perfect partner for maintenance and development of ATMs. To explain the product advantage of multi-vendor Insure ATM, we emphasize our comprehensive ATM product collection and premium value for money. Main values of Insure ATM are being independent, we focus on the major brands and having a global reach. When you need ATM parts and modules, we know that quality and price are your priority. By knowledge increasing of the industry and by continuously developing our global resources and assets, we aim to become the supplier of premium and profitable solutions for your business. Our policy is to constantly improve all aspects of the business to ensure that our products meet our customer's expectations and requirements.

ATM Product Collection

To accomplish the need in the fast growing and developing ATM industry it is essential to carry a wide range of parts and modules in our inventory. This is necessary to satisfy any need of maintenance, upgrade and renovation.

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Major Brands

Key values of Insure ATM are being independent and having a global reach. We focus on the multi-vendor platform which is found within the ATM world. Mainly these leading brands are supported: NCR and Diebold Nixdorf.

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Currency Cassettes

Insure ATM offers full extra service on ATM Currency Cassettes. ATM cash cassettes are highly used and often damaged components of the ATM unit. We can supply unrefurbished, tested and working or refurbished.

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