Full ATM Services

The provision of service and support to our customers is before, during and after a purchase. Customer care concerns the priority our organization assigns to components such as cost effective solutions, product innovation and aftersales.

Initiate and manage equipment service requests through our Sales Team. Insure ATM is your perfect partner for the development and maintenance of your ATM machines. Our business portfolio is based on a comprehensive product collection and a wide range of service solutions, accomplished in house and on-site. In order to realize the lowest down-time of ATMs, we emphasize our total refurbishment solutions for spare parts and sub-modules. With this facility we are cutting your costs without cutting quality!

357 202 your partner in human approachSales Team
To meet all your service requirements we offer a Sales Team with a well-developed and innovative technical knowledge. Insure ATM provides you with a single point of contact and accountability for appropriate incident management and customer support. In addition, we emphasize our multilingual capability, which is essential in the world of services. Contact our Sales Team to see what Insure ATM can do for your business. We provide a quick response to all queries.

Call us at +31 (0)85 4015 460 or mail us at sales@insureatm.com. As soon as your service request is processed, we will send you an email confirmation and inform you about the next steps.

Customer Service Desk
If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us. We believe also that aftersales is essential. If the quality of the parts we supply are not up to the high standards you expect or your purchase encounters a failure, we support a fast system recovery. It matters to us that you can soon use your systems again and return to daily business as quickly as possible. Please contact us immediately at csd@insureatm.com.

The company's testing and quality program is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting our customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. Having an ongoing focus on improvement is essential.

We offer high quality products in order to secure reliability. Our spare parts warrant the future of our customer’s products, services and solutions. Insure ATM provides all the needed spare parts throughout the entire lifetime of ATM’s. The products supplied by Insure ATM are only original equipment and delivered with the full care. We offer spare parts for all products in the ATM product portfolio. Besides, we offer recommended spare part packages for complete maintenance and refurbishment as well as individual spare parts.

Quality counts. Good quality control helps us meet our customer demands for good products. It is not only a mindset, but also a formalized system. Through strict documentation and procedures, we maintain control of quality throughout every step of production. Quality control is the process through which we seek to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved and errors are eliminated. It requires the organization to create an environment in which both management and employees strive for perfection.

This is done by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality, and testing products to check for statistically significant variations. A major aspect of quality control is the establishment of well-defined controls. These controls help standardize repair or refurbishment and reactions to quality issues. Limiting room for error by specifying which activities are to be completed by which personnel reduces the chance that employees will be involved in tasks for which they do not have adequate training.

Our quality control involves testing of units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product. The purpose of the testing is to determine any needs for corrective actions in the repair or refurbishment process. It focuses on the way that parts fit together and interact and ensuring modules or smaller parts operate smoothly and efficiently. Regarding electronics, testing might involve using meters that measure the flow of electricity. Quality testing involves each step of the repair of refurbishment process. Testing at the various stages of manufacturing helps identify where a production problem is occurring and the remedial steps it requires to prevent it in the future.

We are eager to improve our handling of inquiries and are always open to meet our customers’ wishes and demands to ensure a good customer experience. At Insure ATM we do our best to help customers in urgent need of high quality products and not least to reducing the lead-time whenever possible in order to meet our customer’s urgent inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries regarding ATM products or if you need any information about support possibilities.

Insure ATM, your one stop shop for all your maintenance, training and service needs. We are always looking for new ways to improve your ATMs so we offer some upgrades for a better user experience for your customers.

Our expertise in the management of ATM estates is extensive and of high quality. We can support you in order to maintain and upgrade a wide variety of electronic and digital bank equipment. We underline the value of these investments as they enhance security, control compliance, give confidence to meet the customers’ needs and they provide improved consumers experiences. It gives opportunities!

Undisputable, reliable software and upgrades let your business taking advantage of the state-of-the-art banking systems and having always-on operational perfection. Let us help to service your ATM fleet. To meet the demand of our customers we offer prompt and cost-effective solutions.

Warehoue & Transport Management for the best performance. After many years of experience in a world-wide reverse logistic service, Insure ATM set up an unique management system of ATM products which are highly needed in the financial market.

Large inventory of new and refurbished parts and modules. Whether a new or exchange part we can ensure that the spare part and module you need will be with you when you need it, where you need it. For immediate requirements we will arrange delivery worldwide, or ship against your own transport account. Insure ATM's unique Logistics with Testing & Quality facilities enables us to serve our customers in an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish their mission. Stock, distribute, track, repair, refurbish, remanufacture and reengineer - it's what we are experts at!

Your logistics in one system. Insure ATM developed the logistics application In2Klairy in-house, a comprehensive Supply Chain Management application. As a customer of Insure ATM you have an exclusive usage. In2Klairy is a very user-friendly web-based system that gives you full access to your ATM & POS Spares world-wide. You only communicate with 1 partner! Another key feature is the Control Tower. Our Control Tower monitors all milestones 24/7, from order entry until delivery. The In2Klairy application offers a central order overview highlighting the exceptions. Using support tickets all communication is registered in a single platform. Of course, there is much more to say about our warehouse and transport management. Contact us to learn about this.

Our goal is to keep every single part and module in our inventory in order to supply correctly - just in time! This is supported by three main values:

357 202 your partner in global distributionGeographical Situation. A very important discipline is our logistic support. We only offer efficient and professional transportation. These logistic services are via Air, Ocean or Truck. Our transport partners supply the most cost-effective and save distribution of the goods throughout the world. The three largest freight forwarders like DHL, UPS and TNT are 5 minutes from our warehouse situated. The airport is reachable in only 10 minutes distance. Parts calls can be done till 6:00 pm. Delivery to freight forwarder till 7:00 pm.

Management System. In order to accomplish all service and product requirements, our management software is custom made for our specific business.
* (Cross-) Reference Utilities
* Barcode Tracking System for Warranty and Shipment
* RMA, Return Merchandise Authorization
* Inventory Management

Packaging. Insure ATM's logistic service includes high quality solutions on packaging - labelling (bar-code incl.) - tracking information. The packaging is developed to the same standard as the OEMs or even better. Insure ATM works together with a packaging manufacturer which develops custom made packaging for the highly sensitive ATM articles. This will avoid any damage during transport.

Incoterms* & Shipment. On each order managed by Insure ATM, and then, on each invoice, the incoterms code negotiated and the place of delivery are always mentiond. Customer is responsible for the payment of any country customs, duties and taxes that may incur.

Depending on your delivery address, as we wrote, different shipment methods will be available. Select you desired method when placing your order. We might use different courier company depending on availability and service. You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered.

We can ship products anywhere in the world using the shipping method of your choice. You can get an estimate by contacting us before. Please allow between 3-5 business days to process your order. Depending on your order items we might be processed earlier. If you want know the delivery times for your items beforehand or you have a special request please contact us before placing your order. You will receive updates of your order status in your registered email address.

* International Commercial Terms

Improve job performance with a complete training program. Our comprehensive, flexible training program is focused on helping our customers to develop a technical workforce that is ready to meet any challenge.

Our updated technical knowledge with the latest models of OEMs and qualified skills permit us to offer specific and tailor made training courses of a high standard. We emphasize that we handle both theory and practical requests. The training facilities in our premise are multi-branded and cover a large variety of available ATM-machines and parts of the latest types of NCR and Diebold Nixdorf.

The training classes we offer are on all entry-level and are concerning the use of ATMs and their installation, removal, upgrading, servicing and repair. Courses named testing software review, hardware diagnostics and major issue overview. The repair exercises are based on faults of main spare parts, BNA units, escrow units and recognition units. We can help bringing together all the pieces of training disciplines into a comprehensive training solution, which is customized to fit the needs of your technicians. When the training has been attended according all course requirements, is completed successfully, the participant will be graduated and will receive a Certificate of Competence.

Let us help to serve your training needs. Your request can be sent to our Sales Department.

Call us at +31 (0)85 4015 460 or mail us at sales@insureatm.com. We will offer a training program which suits your company best .

Whenever a customer is in the situation to dispose parts or replace ATMs, Insure ATM is an excellent partner. We offer you a buy-back fee and can take over the damaged or unneeded ATMs. We mainly buy-back ATMs and Cash Dispensers.

To simplify the processes, logistics can be managed by Insure ATM. We have signed partnership agreements that make us able to offer de-installation from the fields. We understand the risk of your confidential data and have the experience how to deal with this secured information in the machines. The equipment will be dismantled, totally or partially.

We are responsible for the global environment, Insure ATM will assure a protected environmentally disposal of the equipment. We stimulate the recycling of components which cannot be reused. Don't let outdated or unused ATMs be your problem, for extra information ... please feel free to contact us to learn more!