Repair Support

Diagnostics are the main key for succes. Insure ATM offers an adequate diagnostic tool. With this software, you can diagnose NCR 58xx Personas and 66xx SelfServ ATMs in the field, authorize new USB modules in NCR SelfServ ATMs, and diagnose the health of NCR ATM modules in repair centers. 

The diagnostics software completely replaces NCR hardware diagnostics securely, simply and cost effectively. Determining the fault within the device and decoding it, the solution increases the number of first time fixes and reduces part usage. 

repair support software diagnostics

✔ Field Service Diagnostics
The diagnostics for NCR 58xx and 66xx ATMs shows you which part is defective, displays M-Status and M-Data in clear text, and lists error logs and tallies. By using the diagnostic software in the field, you can quickly find defects, save money on parts, reduce the number of future calls, and increase the overall uptime of your NCR ATMs.

✔ Repair Center Diagnostics
Made of assembly lines and high-volume throughput, these diagnostics test shorten the time that is necessary to find defects. After the repair is completed, you can print and attach a receipt to the module the confirms that it functions properly.

✔ USB Device Authorization
Automatically authorize new USB devices after installing them in NCR SelfServ ATMs. Just replace the defective USB device - like dispenser, card reader, or printer. Then, run ATMdesk, and verify the proper function. Your new device is instantly authorized for further use under the NCR Aptra software platform.

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