The main focus is being a precious partner. All operations are primarily aimed at making cash handling machines function optimally. We have full responsibility to bring out the best in us to deliver the best quality.

By appropriately delivering the right hardware solutions.That our customers are able to guarantee availability and ensure security! The company offers a wide range of products. The company has an advisory function and in addition to components and modules, Insure ATM can also provide complete ATM systems.

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Our main focus is to be a valuable and reliable partner in the ATM industry and to underline this long term strategy, priorities have been made which will be put forth in this report. The interest of the customer is always a priority for us and for whom we particularly want to invest in the future. We want to continuously connect well with the changing needs of our customers. Demands are placed on the structure of our organization, with expertise and development as guiding criteria. Working in a process-based way with emphasis on simplification, transparency and insight is essential. Even with a flexible attitude and autonomy, we want to ensure that we constantly evolve.

We also aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders - in addition to the customers, also the suppliers, our employees and society as a whole. We have to be able to make a useful contribution and the company takes responsibility for the effects of its business operations. The focus of our corporate social responsibility is more attention for the organization, its employees and its own impact on the environment. All decisions will take into account the welfare of the employees, the impact of its activities on society and the environment. It goes a step further than just following the legal requirements.

Our ambitions are for the long term. Through good governance, the company ensures that it can rely on loyal employees, support from the surrounding area and less dependence on exhaustible resources in the future. We promise our customers to be the right partner and we are aware that there are societal challenges the company is also part of. To also promote continuity and growth of the company at the same, the management system was developed. We are committed to minimizing risk, reducing waste and we want to reduce the lead time. We strive for our organization to be able to meet all the (agreed) requirements and expectations with adequate performance. The factors transparency and trust are inextricably linked with this. 


Our policy is to constantly improve all aspects of the business to ensure that our products meet our customer's expectations and requirements. Next summarized aspects are also inevitable for developing and implementing our policies and plans.

Competitive - Professional 
A created value by cost advantage and differentiation. Insure ATM utilizes resources and capabilities, to achieve a lower cost structure and to able to deliver superior product and service benefits. Professionality, a priority we can explain in relation to our suppliers. We respect our providers and threat them as partners. Without them, our customers would not be served.

Commitment - Reliable 
This quality entails offering a complete service solution for our products whereby quality, duty and flexibility are an indispensable unity. Our customers can rely on us; we don't let them down. We listen to them and are doing our utmost to answer their requests and serve them to their satisfaction.

Social Responsible - Integrity 
Insure ATM has adopted the standards of EICC Code of Conduct. This code functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby our business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms. Integrity, ethics, a reputation as an underlying part in all our business transactions.

Competent - Efficient 
To obtain this competence, we know the products very well. By continuously acquiring new knowledge we do our best to face each request. To accomplish the discipline efficiency we underline logistic skills; we only offer effective, save and professional distribution of the goods throughout the world.

We have the imperative aim to embrace responsibility for all company's actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, customers, employees, suppliers, governments and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.