Protect your ATM fleet and be prepared! We are specialist in delivery and implementation of a wide range of security solutions to attack the criminal community with ATM machines as their target. We are an innovating company in providing effective, high-end but cost effective protection technologies for any ATM machine.

Major institutes all over the world are successfully using our technologies. To be one step ahead of any potential criminal incident and attack, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge on a global level. We work closely with a network of partners, suppliers and local authorities.


Let us help to find the best techniques for prevention and protection

We emphasize also that high-end protection should be also cost effective for our customers. We are leading in providing logistic and implementation solutions for all kind of ATM vandalism and ATM security related issues. Let us help to find the best technique for prevention and protection. Some techniques are summarized in specified articles.

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We are your partner for care solutions! Keep the technical equipment clean in order having the machine up and running, and keep the engineer for service calls at bay. In de financial industry, calls are an imperative part of ATM ownership. Every effort of course, is essential to minimize them!

Keep the ATM clean

Cleaning activities are important during preventive maintenance. In order to do this in a quick and effective way Insure ATM offers an extensive range of practical cleaning products. We are supplier of premium quality cleaning cards, cleaning wipes, cleaning kits, airspray and cleaning sprays aerosols, and much more. We are aware of the fact that it is essential to follow the manufacturer's specifications and restrictions for cleaning supplies and methods. To get insight in Insure ATM’s portfolio of cleaning solutions, contact us to discover the wide range of high quality products and techniques there are.

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Premium value for money

Which is essential in order to minimize the total cost of ownership of your equipment. To meet your demand, our team is at your service and provides a quick response to all queries. Also, if you are not sure which product or type you need, we can be reached at +31 (0)85 4015 460 or mail us at Contact us and discover what we can do for you.

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ATM availability is important and withdrawing cash from the machine should be convenient anytime. Insure ATM supports the latest contactless payment technology, from contactless debit and credit cards to mobile payments and loyalty. The innovative NFC-device is a robust, secure stand-alone contactless reader comprised of a compact controller module and an RFID antenna module.

contactless reader device for cash


Contactless Reader, the mobile cash technology means get cash from the ATM, but leave the debit card home. Protect your customers today by NFC-equipped ATMs.
Cardless ATM access, we can do it! Contact us at or use the form to discover what we can do for your business and ATM fleet. We provide a quick response to all queries.

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ATMs are common in our daily life and using these should be convenient anytime. For a guarded use of the public touchscreen displays we recommend an inventive shield. It protects against harmful bacteria. Insure ATM offers the ATM-user an Innovative Touchscreen Protection Solution. And additional properties are there! 

insure atm touch screen protection solution

We can do it!

Protect the ATM-user today and contact Insure ATM at or use the form to discover what we can do for your business and ATM fleet. We provide a quick response to all queries.

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