Insure ATM is provider of an innovative staining product. An approach to complete protection of ATMs against robbery attacks by neutralization of banknotes with ink.

The innovative neutralization of banknotes using ink appears as a different strategy for protection, thus moving away from the usual concept of physical security, leading to the path of electronic security. This will avoid the use of heavy and expensive systems that will not always protects against the most aggressive attempts of assault, paving the way for lighter systems that are less expensive and whose capacity exceeds the previous response.

This type of solution provides efficient protection against current techniques of physical attacks to ATMs, irreversibly marking the banknotes with a coloured and indelible ink that will leave a solid trail behind those who try to transact stolen cash and at the same time feeding the criminal investigations in search of those responsible. This will provide a huge deterrent to ATM attacks.

Advantages of the solution:

  • ✔ Effective protection against current attack techniques· Available for all ATM machines.
  • ✔ High crime deterrent.
  • ✔ Excellent vehicle for criminal investigation.
  • ✔ Banknotes unattractive for criminals.
  • ✔ Easy deployment and management.
  • ✔ Effective reduction in the number of attacks.
  • ✔ No impact on the operational use.
  • ✔ Good acceptance by the Central Banks

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Customization of any kind of staining system is welcome. Every time there is a new ATM model, special installation requests or any kind of customization need you can count on the development and skills of our Sales team to support you.