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Product: ATM Pin Protection

Model: on request

Type: protection by shield

Partnumber: 71.001

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A variety of effective technologies Insure ATM can offer you to combat the continuing security threats. In this section we describe the ATM PIN protection tool. Our aim is to deter criminal activity and allow customers to feel totally secure while using an ATM. This PIN protection device acts as a shield by stopping unwanted eyes and hidden small cameras from seeing an ATM user entering their PIN number. It improves the user’s experience as it removes clearly the need to protect the keypad to prevent others from observing the PIN as it is being entered.

Insure ATM is official distributor of ATM PINGuard. The Pinguards are a proven ATM anti-skimming device that prevents distraction attacks and shoulder surfing attacks at ATMs. They are designed to fit almost every ATM and EPP in the world. The range of protection devices are developed to meet the requirements of the most commonly used ATMs provided by mainstream Oems and independent ATM deployers (IADs). PINGuard fits NCR (SelfServ and Persona), Wincor Nixdorf (ProCash and Cineo), Diebold, Triton, Telaris, GRG and Nautilus Hyosung ATMs. Everything you need to reduce ATM PIN theft is in one box. The ultimate ATM anti-skimming devices for complete ATM PIN protection and ATM machine security.

We are able to offer bespoke PIN protecting solution to fit the exact design requirements of your ATM, or any self-service terminal (SST). We emphasize by constantly researching and developing innovative and superior PIN protection tools, our company with her reliable partner stands for quality! A member of the Sales team would be happy to advise you on solutions for to meet your exact needs.

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