NCR Part: 445-0752091 NCR PC Upgrade Used in Model: 58XX, 66XX Processor CageEstoril PC Core Upgrade Solid State Drive Min.. Product #: 445-0752091 15

NCR Part: 445-0752091

Estoril PC Core Upgrade
Model: 58XX, 66XX

Type: Processor Cage

Partnumber: 445-0752091

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NCR PC Upgrade
Used in Model: 58XX, 66XX

Processor Cage
Estoril PC Core Upgrade
Solid State Drive Min 500 GB
Parallel Port
PS2 Keyboard Breakout
Extra Seial Ports
8GB Memory
Intel Haswell R i5-4590T
TPM 2.0

Windows 10: Be Ready. Be Secure. Be Compliant. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7.
This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, application patches or technical support for ATM
deployers running 7. January 2020 may seem a time away, but it isn't if you consider the activities involved from the
perspective of hardware, sofware, and services upgrades in order to complete the migration task.

Risks of not migrating to Windows 10:
- No Updates
- Performance Issues
- Operating Costs
- PCI Non-Compliance
- Security Risks
- Degraded Consumer Experience

We explain how ATM deployers need to start preparing now to upgrade their ATMs and other self-service terminals to Windows 10.

Undisputable, this upgrade lets your business take advantage of the latest software releases, state-of-the-art systems and always-on operational perfection. More information about this product is needed? See more  ...
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