Product: Anti-Skimming One of the solutions we offer, we call Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control which defies any .. Product #: 74.001 Out Of Stock

Product: Anti-Skimming

Model: on request

Type: card access control

Partnumber: 74.001

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One of the solutions we offer, we call Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control which defies any skimming attacks and offers intelligent networked capabilities. Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control is designed for increasing safety and security of ATM clients and to prevent access of unauthorized persons. This system allows to cut building maintenance cost and to bring up level of comfort of bank services. The withdrawal from readers in the ATM/bank access system cannot solve the problem, because intruders installs skimming device anyway and clients will use skimming reader and cards are skimmed. Anti-Skimming magnetic stripe reader is designed for Track2 reading.

Available to order in two cases:
External — StopSkimmer Reader — OUT
Internal — StopSkimmer Reader — IN

Another solution we supply is the Secure Card Feeder which ensures that the card must be entered in a different way. Because the card is inserted sideways in a protected channel, the magnetic strip is guarded during the transaction in this secured environment, in which no skimming equipment can be placed. As a result skimming is not possible. Furthermore the special shape of the Secure Card Feeder inhibits card trapping and it also inhibits the placing of very tiny inlay-skimming devices.

The Secure Card Feeder is available in 3 model types: standard – premium – premium plus.

What is the anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control and what can the Secure Card Feeder in detail do for the users of your ATMs? Ask our specialists. Contact our Sales Department to see what Insure ATM can do for your business. We promise a quick response to all your queries; we are looking forward working with you. Please feel free to contact us!