Insure ATM is your perfect partner for development and maintenance. We see Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive approach to managing the total useful life of an ATM to maximize the return on investment. Our expertise in service support solutions of ATM estates is extensive.

The Benefits
Considering the entire useful life of ATM equipment is essential in order to minimize the total cost of ownership of the ATM infrastructure. By implementing hardware asset management practices, from acquisition through disposal, hardware and maintenance costs will decline, upgrade flexibility increases and the useful life of the ATM extends.In addition to lowering the total cost of possession, other benefits include fewer service calls and predictable control throughout the hardware lifecycle. It also helps institutions to improve efficiencies, protect assets and better serve ATM users.KEYPOINT Presentation Insure ATM 400 300
To meet the demand of our customers we offer a prompt, effective and economically priced service. Our business portfolio is based on a comprehensive product collection and a wide range of service solutions, accomplished in house and on-site. We deliver our customers a completely managed estate service which includes these components, phases:

• Warehouse
• Workshop & Quality
• Transport
• Installation
• Service & Maintenance
• De-installation
• Recycling

Let us help
Insure ATM provides you with a single point of contact and accountability for appropriate incident management and customer support. In addition, we emphasize our multilingual capability, which is essential in the world of services. Please feel free to contact our Sales Team to see what Insure ATM can do for your business. We provide a quick response to all queries.

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