Security Solutions

Protect your ATM fleet and be prepared! Insure ATM specialises in delivery and implementation of a wide range of security products to attack the criminal community with ATM targets. We are an innovating company in providing high-end but cost effective protection technologies for any ATM.

Expertise & Experience

Major institutes all over the world are successfully using our technologies. To be one step ahead of any potential criminal incident and attack, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge on a global level. We work closely with a network of partners, suppliers and local authorities. We emphasise also that high-end protection should be also cost effective for our customers. We are leading in providing logistic and implementation solutions for all kind of ATM vandalism and ATM security related issues.

Prevention & Protection

A variety of effective technologies to combat ATM crime we offer and examples are: Cash Security, Anti-Skimming, Anti-Cash Trapping, Gas Protection, Deep Insert Skimming & Shimming Prevention and Anti-Ram Raid. To provide insight in our portfolio of the anti-fraud solutions, some techniques are summarized. Read More .....

How can we help?
Do you have any questions about our security solutions, please contact our specialists. They are there to find the best technique for your specific situation. Please feel free to contact us!